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Welcome to Shifu Janet Jin Taichi Website!

Shifu Janet Jin 一真 has been studying and practicing martial arts since she was young. Shifu Janet has learned external and internal martial arts with many great teachers and masters. The two main masters who have the most influence to her development of internal martial arts are:

Zeng Cheng Dong 董增辰: Master Dong is the son of renowned Tai Chi master Dong Hu Ling 董虎嶺 and the grandson of Dong Yin Jie 董英傑, one of the legendary disciples of Yang Cheng-Fu 楊澄甫. Janet is Master Dong's disciple.

Jing Chen Han 韓競辰: Master Han is the son of Han Xing Qiao 韓星橋. Han Xing Qiao and his younger brother Han Xing Yuan 韓星垣, were the disciples of Wang Xiang Zhai 王薌齋 , the founder of Yi Quan意拳. Yiquan is also called Da Cheng Quan大成拳.

Shifu Janet was the primary instructor of the Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Class at the Chinese Cultural Plaza in Honolulu Hawaii for 7 years. Janet has also taught Tai Chi at Tokai University, Punahou School, the Honolulu Club, Punahou Spa Fitness, Our Lady of the Mount Church. In addition, she has presented Tai Chi at the Hawaii Public Library, Hawaii Pacific University, Hawaii Community Action Group, Hawaii Medical College, Honolulu Martial Arts Festival, US Army and many other locations.

Shifu Janet is currently teaching at various locations around Honolulu.